ErinnePaisleyErinne Paisley is an accomplished public speaker, activist, youth content developer, and published author.

Her interest in social justice began at a very young age, through involvement with organizations such as ‘Me to We’ where she began to develop and cultivate this growing passion.

In her High School she co-founded an activist group called Action Now which focused on three main pillars: Learning, Awareness, and Activism. The group has seen guests such as MP Elizabeth May and worked on projects through topics from youth voting turnout to Women’s Rights.

Paisley also helped developed a number of other community engagement projects during high school, including co-leading the Reynolds Vital Youth in Philanthropy Group in association with the Victoria Foundation.

In 2013 Paisley was invited to be featured on a panel to discuss internet privacy and security for youth as part of the Privacy and Access 20/20: A New Vision for Information Rights Conference in Vancouver, BC. Since speaking at her first North American Conference in 2014, Paisley has been a featured speaker at over seven conferences, including a recent National Congress in Calgary, AB.

In March 2014 Paisley travelled to Europe as one of ten recipients of the National EF Tours Global Citizen Scholarship. This opportunity sent her to London, Munich, and Berlin where she attended both a conference on youth’s positive involvement with human rights on global scale and a science & innovation summit.

In 2014-15 Paisley worked as the youngest intern to date at the national communication company “Reboot Communications”. Within the company, she worked as a youth content developer,  author of a Youth Blog Series, and public speaker.

Most recently Paisley has gained international attention for her graduation dress created out of homework to raise awareness and funds for the Malala Fund. In response to this new audience Paisley created an activism and pop culture blog to further engage youth in social media activism called ‘Pop Activism’.

In September 2015 Paisley signed a three-part book series deal with Orca Publishing House on the overarching topic of Social Media Activism for Youth and is currently working on the first book in the series.

Paisley is currently in her first year of studies at the University of Toronto, where she is pursuing an undergraduate degree in both International Relations and Peace, Conflict, and Justice. She is attending as one of eleven University of Toronto 2015 National Scholars from Canada. She has also been named a 2015 Provincial Loran Scholar.